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Privacy Policy of the filial appeal website service 


1.  Personal data provided by natural persons using the website www. (hereinafter: the "Website Service") are processed by Fundacja Instytut Edukacji Społecznej i Religijnej im. Ks. Piotra Skargi, 31-064 Kraków, ul. Augustiańska 28, entered in the register of Associations and other social and professional organisations, foundations and public health care institutions maintained by the District Court for Kraków – Śródmieście in Kraków, 11th  Commercial Division of the National Court Register under no. KRS: 55504, business ID number REGON: 356373202 - the Foundation has its registered office in Poland . The personal data by natural persons using the website may be shared by the Association “Filiale Supplica” -  SUPPLICA FILIALE , Viale Berengario 11, 20149 Milano MI, Codice Fiscale: 97712920152, Agenzia Entrate UT Vimercate MI - SUPPLICA FILIALE has its registered office in Italy -  who will use the personal data in accordance with their statutory goals and in accordance to the applicable laws, unless the website user states otherwise in writing. The right of access and of correcting personal data is assured.

2. This Privacy Policy applies to natural persons who use the Website Service, and in particular to natural persons who make one ore more than one visits within the Website Service. 

3. Personal data of the Website Service users are processed by the Service Operator in order to: 
3.1. tailor the Website Service to user needs,
3.2. pursue claims, if any,
3.3. verify the circumstances of unauthorised use of services provided  
electronically 3.4.create pageview statistics of the subpages within this Website Service,
3.5. conduct social campaigns that users may join at their discretion. 

4. Each User (definition explained and placed in Therms of use) has the right to access his personal data, the right to correct and update his personal data and the right to request to stop the processing of and delete data by contacting the Data Administrator. In the case of deletion of data required to use specific Website Service resources and services offered within the Website Service, the Website Service user will no longer be able to use them. 

5. If the Website Service user uploads on the Website Service any personal data of third persons (including their first and family name, phone number or email address), he is allowed to do so only on the condition that its is not in violation of relevant legal regulations in force and personal rights of those third persons. 

6. The Service Operator reserves the right to disclose selected information concerning Website Service users to competent authorities or third persons who request such information according to an applicable legal basis and relevant legal regulations in force. Other than in the preceding sentence, information concerning a Website Service user shall not be disclosed to any third party without the user’s consent. 

7. The Service Operator shall use all reasonable efforts to secure the data of a Website Service user and protect it against third party actions. The Service Operator shall apply all the necessary server, connections and Website Service security solutions in order to protect data, and in particular anti-virus and anti-hacking protections of the data storing server. 

8. However, the measures taken by the Service Operator may prove insufficient if the Website Service user does not observe safety precautions.



1. The Service Operator would like to inform Users that he uses cookies that automatically collect information about Website Service users.

2. Cookies are IT data, and in particular text files, that are stored on the Website Service user’s final device and enable the use of websites. Cookies usually contain the name of the website where they originate from, their storage time on the final device and a unique number. 

3. Cookies are placed on the Website Service user’s final device and accessed by Fundacja Instytut Edukacji Społecznej i Religijnej im. Ks. Piotra Skargi, 31-064 Kraków, ul. Augustiańska 28. Cookies are used to collect information about how a user uses the Website Service. In particular, cookies make it possible to: 
a adapt the contents of websites to users’ preferences and optimise web page use; in particular, these files allow for identification of the Website Service user’s device and correct display of a web page, adapted to the user’s  individual needs);
b. adapt some information displayed within the Website Service and on parter sites to the user’s interests
c. create statistics that help us understand how service users use websites, which allows for improvement of their structure and contents;
d. verify the correctness of data uploaded by users on the Website Service sites. 

4. The Website Service uses two main categories of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files stored on the user’s final device until logging out, leaving the website or closing the software (Internet browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the user’s final device for a time period specified by the cookies’ parameters or until deleted by the user. 

5. We use cookies and tracking technologies for a variety of reasons such as to enable us to recognise when you have logged in, to improve your experience of the services and to deliver advertising. In particular, we use these technologies for:
1. Strictly Necessary Purposes: to keep you logged in, to facilitate a purchase, to improve the security of our services and for system administration, such as preventing fraudulent or disruptive activity;
2. Functionality Purposes: to remember your preferences and settings and other functionality you have requested such as remembering your username and password so that you do not need to login each time you visit;
3. Analytics and Performance-Related Purposes: to record what you like and don’t like on the website and the popularity of various elements of the website so that we can ensure that it works properly at points of high usage. We also use analytics companies to gather information regarding users of our services on our behalf using cookies, log file data and code which is embedded on our website.

6. Many types of website browsing software (web browser) permit storage of cookies on the user’s final device by default. The Website Service users can change cookies settings at any time.. These settings can be changed, in particular, so as to block automatic cookie handling in browser settings or so that the Website Service user is informed about their placement on the device each time. Detailed information about the options and manners of handling cookies is available in software (web browser) settings.

7. The Service Operator would like to inform Users that limitations regarding the use of cookies can affect certain functions available on the Website Service sites.

8. For more information about cookies, see the Help section in your web browser menu.